About Us

Leo Games is a game studio formed by two graduates of Sharif University in Tehran. We are a small indie team striving to grow big by creating the best games we possibly can and giving it our all. We see a long road ahead of us, but we believe that our creativity and quality will persevere and help us tackle all obstacles. Here at Leo Games we believe in a number of core values that guide us in our design and production:

  1. User-Friendly Design: The design and monetization decisions we make are aimed to serve our players as best as possible. If we make a free-to-play game, we really aim to make them free-to-play, no “energy” time systems, pay-to-win content behind paywalls, or hard limits to content. If someone wants to play for free, they should be able. If our game is a premium, we’ll stray away from obtrusive DRM and game-changing DLC.
  2. Deep and Elegant Design: The games we make will all have deep gameplay. We want our players to make meaningful decisions in our games, to play with the tools available to them and be able to make a difference in the outcome of the game through this. At the same time we attempt to achieve this with as little complexity as possible. We don’t want to burden our players with lots of information that can be off-putting to most newcomers, and our games will be easy to learn.
  3. Game-Theme Integration: We’re not just making mechanical games, we also want to create new and lively fictional worlds that players can immerse themselves in. For this, we try our best to make both the game and theme serve and compliment each other to create a holistic and immersive experience. It’s possible, and we’ve seen it done before, so why can’t we do it too?
  4. High Production Value: While we’re not a large studio with a large budget and crew, we still believe it’s possible to achieve a relatively high degree of production value and polish with good management and a realistic scope. This would still require a greater deal of time and effort on our part and each individual on our team will walk that extra mile to do it.
  5. Persistent Support: “Launch a game and reap its reward” is an approach some developers unfortunately take with their games. It’s valid and we respect that, it’s not always possible or feasible to continually patch and focus on a game. However, we believe consistently supporting our game will be good for all parties involved, be it the players, our game, our reputation or our own bottom line, it will be beneficial for all.

So with all that said, we’re in the process of making our next game, a digital CCG called Amazia, which while we have experience creating numerous games before, this will be our first big release to go international. Follow us on our blog to see the journey we’re going through and be a part of it, we’ll be grateful.